Academic Year 23/24 Course Offerings in the Department of Political Science and Economics


Course Offerings in Political Science

*Dual delivery

Fall 2023
Course code   Course title
POE116   Introduction to International Relations
POE205  Canadian Politics and Society
POE214   Management, Critical Thinking, and Communication 
POE220   Research and Methods
GOE202   Introduction to Political Geography
GOE305   World Regional Geography: Europe and/or the Americas
POE312*   Classical Political Philosophy
POE324   International Organizations
POE332   Public Administration in Canada
POE372   Science, Technology, Politics, Society and the Environment
POE374   Science, Technology and Public Policy
POE412*   American Foreign and Security Policy
POE414   Contemporary International Issues and Events
POE421   Political Ideologies
POE432   Civil-Military Relations
POE435   Terrorism and Political Violence
POE436   International Law of the Sea
Winter 2024
Course code   Course title
POE102   Introduction to Political Science
POE116   Introduction to International Relations
POE205   Canadian Politics and Society
POE218   International Relations Theory
GOE307   World Regional Geography: Asia and/or Africa
POE301   Indigenous Issues in Canadian Politics
POE314*   Modern Political Philosophy
POE317   Introduction to Contemporary Strategic Studies
GOE404   Issues in Contemporary Geopolitics
GOE472   Understanding Post-Soviet Europe and Asia
POE410   International Conflict Management
POE413   Nuclear Weapons and International Relations
POE415   Contemporary International Conflict
POE434   Comparative Studies in Development
POE453   Topics in International Relations
POE486   Air and Space Law
POE488   The Law of Armed Conflict

Course Offerings in Economics

*Dual delivery

Fall 2023
Course code   Course title
ECE104   Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECE206   Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I
ECE256   Modelling in Economics
ECE308   Macroeconomic Analysis: Theory and Policy II
ECE320   Industrial Organization
ECE336   International Financial Management
ECE342   Introduction to Econometrics
ECE424   Economics of Defence
ECE454   Topics in Microeconomic Analysis
Winter 2024
Course code   Course title
ECE103   Introduction to Microeconomics
ECE224   Microeconomics I
ECE242   Introduction to Statistics
ECE310   Introduction to Political Economy
ECE326   Microeconomics II
ECE332   Sports Economics
ECE442   Applied Econometrics
ECE448   Cost-Benefit Analysis
ECE456   Topics in Macroeconomic Analysis
ECE492   Economics Seminar
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