The RMC Alumni Association

In October 2021 the RMC Club and the RMC Foundation merged to become one organization called the RMC Alumni Association Inc.  The RMC Alumni Association serves both the alumni and the current N/OCdts of the Colleges to provide guidance, mentorship, financial resources, and promotion of the history of the Colleges.  The RMC Alumni Association is also an arm’s length proactive fundraiser for the Colleges.  The RMC Alumni Association provides funding for our future leaders of Canada to ensure that no opportunity is missed in their military, leadership, academic, athletic, or bilingualism training.

The mission of the RMC Alumni Association is:

  • To bring together our alumni and other members for their mutual benefit, support, mentorship and camaraderie;
  • To advance education by establishing and maintaining scholarships, bursaries and prizes;
  • To support and promote training and leadership programs by providing funding for programs and initiatives for the benefit of the Canadian Military Colleges to grow and develop Canada’s future leaders;
  • To establish, preserve, protect and commemorate monuments and significant heritage sites at the Canadian Military Colleges;
  • To enhance, preserve and promote the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges; and
  • To promote and advocate for the foregoing.


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