Department of History class schedule 2024-2025

The class schedule pages show futur classes for the Department of History. The page contains the courses offered for the academic year by semester, courses code and title, and the instructor(s) responsible for teaching the course. You can click on the course title to see the description of the course. 

Fall 2024-Winter 2025 (2 credits)


Course Title Instructor(s)
HIE270 An Introduction to Military History TBD
HIE284 A History of Europe since the 15th Century TBD
HIE470 Strategy and Strategists

Dr. Maloney

Dr. Varey

HIF270 Introduction à l'histoire militaire TBD
HIF284 Une histoire de l’Europe depuis le XVe siècle TBD
HIF470 La stratégie et les stratèges TBD


Fall 2024 (1 credit)

Course Title Instructor(s)
HIE101 The Historical Origins of the Contemporary World


HIE203 Introduction to Canadian Military History TBD
HIE206 What is History? Methods of Historical Inquiry TBD
HIE207 History of Canada TBD
HIE271 Introduction to Military History and Thought TBD
HIE289 The Impact of Science and Technology on Society and the Environment TBD
HIE301 Indigenous Settler Relations in Canada Dr. Kenny
HIE305 Africa in World History Dr. Oliveira
HIE306 War Through Film Dr. Rossy
HIE320 Social and Cultural History of the Atomic Age Dr. Maloney
HIE336 The American Civil War Dr. Brushett
HIE340 History of the First World War Maj. Wheeler
HIE360 The Rise of Peacekeeping Dr. Coombs
HIE398 Naval Power and Strategy in the 20th Century Capt. Gullachsen
HIE440 Public History TBD
HIE451 War and the Environment Dr. Kenny
HIE456 Issues in Women, War and Society TBD
HIF101 Les origines historiques du monde contemporain TBD
HIF206 Qu’est-ce que l’histoire ? Méthodes de recherche historique TBD
HIF207 Histoire du Canada TBD
HIF289 L'impact de la science et de la technologie sur la société et l'environnement TBD
HIF340 Histoire de la Première Guerre mondiale Dr. Carrier
HIF348 Fascisme, nazisme et communisme, 1917-1945 TBD
HIF440 Histoire publique TBD
HIF484 Thèmes en histoire moderne - Évolution et théories du maintien de la paix internationale Dr. Deleuze


Winter 2025 (1 credit)

Course Title Instructor(s)
HIE103 History of Canada


HIE203 Introduction to Canadian Military History


HIE271 Introduction to Military History and Thought


HIE332 War in the Classical Age Dr. Rossy
HIE347 Learning Lessons of War Through Battlefield Tours Dr. Coombs
HIE362 The History of Peacekeeping since 1980 Dr. Coombs
HIE404 Conspiracism, Disinformation and Reason in History Dr. Maloney
HIE409 The Grand Strategies of Small Powers Maj. Keess
HIE418 The United States as a Global Power: 1919 to the Present Dr. Brushett
HIE440 Public History  
HIE446 The Third Reich at War Capt. Gullachsen

War Peace & Diplomacy: Issues in the Foreign Policies of the Great Powers between

1815 and 1914

Dr. Varey
HIF103 L'histoire du Canada


HIF203 Introduction à l'histoire militaire du Canada


HIF271 Introduction à l'histoire et la pensée militaires


HIF332 La guerre à l'Âge classique Dr. Deleuze
HIF350 Génocides et crimes de masse au 20e siècle Dr. Doucet
HIF377 La guerre froide Dr. Carrier
HIF437 Le Québec et la guerre depuis 1867 Dr. D'Amours
HIF440 Histoire publique TBD
HIF446 Le Troisième Reich en guerre 1939-1945 TBD





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