Frequently Asked Questions about War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada

How to Contact the War Studies Programme

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War Studies Programme
2 Vérité Ave, Cavalry House
Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, Ontario CANADA K7K 7B4

Students Support Coordinator

  • (613) 541- 6000, ext: 3724
  • Military (CSN): 271-3724

Program Support Coordinator

Danielle Tardif-Smith

Please visit the War Studies programme Website before reading the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How well does the War Studies programme work for someone with full time employment such as military members?
A. The majority of our Master's and doctorate's programmes of studies can be completed online, and this allows those students whose careers are demanding and / or require them to relocate periodically to continue their studies.

Q. What is the make up of the student body in the War Studies programme?
A. There is a blend of domestic and international students who range from students that just completed their previous degree to military members and civil servants to civilian students employed outside the armed forces or federal government. What unites them all is a desire to learn more about the phenomenon of war.

Q. i am a military member. i might be absent for operational reasons over the course of my degree. Is there a mechanism to pause my programme?
A. Yes. RMC has an administrative mechanism to accommodate students during periods of competing obligations such as operational deployments or career courses.

Q. Can the programmes be done entirely online?
A. Yes. Essentially both degrees can be completed by distance education. The one exception is that doctoral students may be required to travel to Kingston to sit for their written Comprehensive exams.

Q. Are civilian and foreign nationals eligible to apply?
A. Yes. Please refer to the applicable degree Application Master of Arts in War Studies or  Application to the Doctoral program in the War Studies for detailed information.

Q. Can I join the military through your programme?
A. No. To join the military, you must contact the nearest Recruiting Centre to you for information.

Q. How much does a Master of Arts or a doctorate degree in War Studies cost?
A. Please consult the Royal Military College Registrar page. Please note that if you are a domestic or international student, study part-time or full-time, your status will affect the amount of the tuition.

Q. Is there funding to study at your establishment?
A. No but it is advised to consult the following link to Student Financial Aid  for more information as to how to go about Financial Aid while at RMC. As well, there are various scholarships and funding that one can apply for while a graduate student at RMC. Please visit the Division of Graduate Studies, Scholarships and Awards page.

Q. What do I need to know if I want to do a Project Research pattern or a thesis pattern?
A. Please consult our War Studies programme Master of Arts page.

Q. I noticed from your courses timetables forecast that you offer special topics courses on a recurring basis. Can I take more than one Directed Studies (Special Topics) course (WS529/WS 629) or Advanced Directed Studies (WS557/WS657)?
A. No. Please consult the programme Chair for more information at

Q. Are the courses offered in a bilingual format?
A. Not as such. But all mandatory courses will be offered in French or in English.

Q. Can i complete my studies in French?
A. Yes.

Q I am an international student. Can I apply?
A. Yes. If you are succesful in being admitted you would be required to be admitted as an offsite Distance Education student.

Q. Is there an application fee?
A. Yes, it is $100.00 CDN.

Q. Where can i find relevant information on courses outlines, courses offered, How to register for my courses, tuitions fees, and Important dates?
A. You can find all these by visiting War Studies programme Timetables page!

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