RMC-CFC Joint Programmes


RMC - CFC Joint Programmes
(Royal Military College of Canada - Canadian Forces College Joint Programmes)

General Information


The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) has offered academic courses at the Canadian Forces College (CFC) since 1992. Over the years, joint efforts to grant academic credits for portions of the Joint Command and Staff Programme (JCSP) and the National Security Programme (NSP) have been recognized at the university level.


Career officers admitted to CFC courses by competitive selection are deemed to be RMC special category students and will receive RMC credits for the equivalent courses, whether admitted to a programme or not. However they must apply to be admitted to a degree programme. Students will be admitted to degree programmes under the general regulations. Officers taking the JCSP or NSP may obtain credits toward various RMC degree programmes as described in this calendar. The normal minimum requirement for entry into RMC graduate studies degree programmes is a four-year undergraduate degree with a B- average from a recognized University. Some departments impose additional requirements. Please see the various admission requirements by department.

Entry into the graduate programmes is by application and subject to the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Details of specific programmes can be found in the RMC Graduate Studies Calendar and Continuing Studies information pamphlets. The admission form and corresponding instructions can be found at: Division of Graduate Studies - Forms

Important: Courses taken at CFC at the CF-level are NOT eligible for graduate credit. Only courses taken at the DS-level are eligible for graduate credit.

Course Credits and Programme Patterns

Courses offered at CFC under the control of the Department of Defence Studies may be awarded Defence Studies (DS) credits. Not all of the content of these courses is applicable to other degree programmes.

Table of Credits

The following table indicates the number of credits each CFC course taken since 2005 (in its entirety) may contribute toward each degree programme at RMC:

JCSP 8 No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible 0
AMSP Footnote 1 No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible
NSSP Footnote 2 No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible
NSP   8    
JRCSP No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible No Longer Eligible

RMC transcripts will show CFC course registrations as Defence Studies credits (DS), then the appropriate number of credits granted (CG) toward the programme to which a student has been admitted. Courses used toward one degree cannot be applied toward another.

Programme Patterns

Students must also be aware of the requirements of the programme patterns for each degree. Please refer to the appropriate Interdepartmental Programme or Department in this calendar for information on the corresponding programme patterns.

  • Master of Arts in War Studies
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Defence Studies
  • Master of Public Administration

Academic Information

Tuition Fees

Students will pay RMC tuition fees for those courses for which they register through RMC. The current RMC fee structure is published by the Office of the Registrar and can be viewed at the RMC Academic Fees web page.

Academic Counselling

Students at CFC should consult with CFC Academic Staff. Information on course offerings is found in the Graduate Studies Calendar and other RMC Continuing Studies information pamphlets as well as the Division of Continuing Studies website.

Chairs of programmes should be consulted for advice on appropriate course and programme pattern selection.

Special Regulations

With the exception of application to the Master of Defence Studies programme as a part-time student, for which this has been waived, those wishing to take advantage of the RMC-CFC Joint Programme must apply for admission to the RMC graduate programmes within three years of completion of the CFC course, that would give the credits listed in this guide. This date is based on the officially promulgated end date of the applicable CFC course. The CFC will retain all relevant student documents for each course for a minimum period of three years to support this application process. Registration in any course will be provisional until the Graduate Studies Committee has approved the student's admission into a particular programme. Should the student not complete his studies while at CFC, it is the student's responsibility to ensure he registers every term thereafter and pay appropriate fees. Student's wishing to elect the delayed mode must be accepted into a RMC graduate programme and have commenced their top-up work within the three year time limit noted above, otherwise no credits will be given for the CFC course work.

Governing Bodies

The RMC Senate is the governing body for academic regulations for the RMC-CFC Joint Programmes. The RMC-CFC Inter College Committee (ICC) will govern the application of the regulations of this programme. The Graduate Studies Committee with the assistance of the War Studies Committee, the Defence Studies Department and the Business Administration Department are responsible for the administration, course approval, and management of their respective degree programmes.


For the purposes of these academic programmes, CFC is considered a campus of RMC. Therefore, as part of the RMC academic offerings the RMC-CFC Joint Programmes are subject to periodic review by the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies (OCGS).

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