Department of Management FAQs

Q: What is an elective?
A: Any course from any department for which you have the prerequisite (including senior business optional courses).
Q: What is the minimum number of credits per semester/year for full-time status?
A: Three (3) per term | Eight (8) per academic year.
Q: What is the maximum number of credits per semester/year?
A: Six (6) per term. Seven (7) courses may be possible with the approval of the Dean. If you have an average below 80% and/or are struggling in one of the four pillars, you may not obtain the approval.
Q: If I want to join the business administration programme, how do I know which courses I need to take?
A: Go to Degree Navigator. Click Search Degrees. Enter “Business” in Degree Name box. Click Search. Select program (honours, major, etc.) and your start term at RMC. Click View.
Q: How do I know which courses I need to take for a minor?
A: Go to Degree Navigator. Click Search Degrees. Enter “psychology” or “economics” in Degree Name box (or whatever minor you are considering). Click Search. Select the minor and your start term at RMC. Click View.
Q: I should have a credit for course BUSXXX from University of YYY. It doesn’t appear on Degree Navigator. What should I do?
A: Contact the director of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), Shelagh Corbett, or the positional mailbox
Q: I want to change my program or add/drop a minor. What should I do?
A: Contact the registrar's positional mailbox or Naomi Greer-Ballance.
Q: I need the calendar from my start year at RMC. Where can I find it?
A: You can find all previous calendars online.
Q: I am interested in a distance education undergraduate course. What is the course offering?
A: These UG courses are available via distance education.
Q: Where can I find the list of pre-requisites for course XXX?
A: In this list of undergraduate courses in the Calendar. 
Q: Which courses have no pre-requisites?
  • HIE/F203
  • HIE/F271
  • POE/F205
  • Physics courses for arts students
  • Chemistry courses for arts students
  • AAF/BAE202
  • AAF/BAE220
  • AAF/BAE242
  • AAF/BAE314
  • AAF/BAE326
  • AAF/BAE420
  • AAF/BAE422
  • AAF/BAE440
  • AAF/BAE448 (permission of the instructor required)
  • AAF/BAE450
  • AAF/BAE490 (permission of the instructor required)
Q: Which physics courses can I take?
A: PHE/F260 (usually offered in the fall), PHE/F280 (usually offered in the winter)
Q: Which chemistry courses can I take?
A: CCE/F200 (usually offered in the fall), CCE/F204 (usually offered in the winter)
Q: Why am I not able to take certain electives this year? They show up on the offered business administration courses but not on the pre-registration/available courses.
A: Most electives are offered every other year.
Q: What is a business optional course?
A: A business optional course is an advanced course in business administration. It should be taken during your third or fourth year, but mandatory courses should be completed according to the normal progression in priority. You can select the business optional courses of your choice, among the courses offered this year, as long as the pre-requisites have been completed. You need 5 business optional courses in the major and 6 business optional courses in the honours program.
Q: Which business optional courses will be offered next year?
A: Most business optional courses are offered every other year. The department usually is able to inform students of the courses to be offered the following year in late January or early February (i.e. before pre-registration). There may be some changes between pre-registration and registration, usually due to the number of students in each course.
Q: Will I be able to graduate on time?
A: Go to Degree Navigator. Click on your business administration program. Check the number of credits obtained and number of credits remaining at the top of the page. It will give you an idea of the number of courses to be completed by the end of your degree. You may want to ensure that you are following a normal path (i.e. that all mandatory courses are being completed at the right time) to avoid delays caused by pre-requisites to advanced courses. The best way to do that is to plan your course list for the remaining semesters and see if everything fits.
Q: I went to CMRSJ [or to Cégep, or to another university] before coming to RMC. The typical 4 year programme does not apply to me. How do I know which courses I should take?
A: Go to Degree Navigator. Click on Find diplomas. Enter “administration” in the Diploma name box. Click on Search. Select the program (specialization, major, etc.) and your starting quarter at RMC. Click Show / View. You will see all the courses that are credited to you and all the courses that remain to be taken. Then you compare this with the typical programme in order to identify the courses to take (following the usual order as much as possible and making sure you have the prerequisites). The list of prerequisites and the session in which the courses are offered can be found in the Undergraduate calendar. Develop your list of courses, considering the sessions during which your required courses are offered. Send the list to the program chair, who will approve it or require changes.
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