List of instructors by department

Academic Wing

Name Email Position
Mr. MZ Bouaziz Other DND unit
Dr. A Dua Adjunct
Dr. CD Suurd Ralph Assistant Professor
Mr. E Yvenou Assistant Professor

Academic Wing - RMCSJ

Name Email Position
Mr. A Kingston Other DND unit
Mr. J Tourreille Other DND unit

Applied Military Science

Name Email Position
MWO JP Caron Lecturer
LCol SM D'Souza Shaun.D' Director of Staff
Mr. S.E. Dominico Calian
LCol M.R. Dunning Lecturer
Maj J.G.D. Lebel Lecturer
Mr. K. Michaud Registrar
Mr. JYL Turgeon Lecturer

Chemistry And Chemical Engineering

Name Email Position
Dr. S Ahmadi Assistant Professor
Dr. JB Amphlett Professor Emeritus
Dr. WS Andrews Professor Emeritus
Dr. PJ Bates Professor
Maj N Beaudry Lecturer
Dr. J.G. Beltran Dean of Engineering
Dr. LGI Bennett Professor Emeritus
Dr. HWJ Bonin Professor Emeritus
Dr. VT Bui Professor Emeritus
Dr. F Caron Professor
Dr. P Chan Professor
Mr. E Comtois Assistant Professor
Dr. E Corcoran Professor
Dr. SA Creber Assistant Professor
Dr. A.C. Cushley Assistant Professor
Mr. M Di Giovanni
Dr. EF Dickson Adjunct
Dr. MD Douma Assistant Professor
Dr. MJB Evans Professor Emeritus
Mr. M Farahani Assistant Professor
Miss K Gonzalez Lecturer
Dr. M Greenwood Professor Emeritus
Maj(Ret'd) P.C. Hungler Adjunct
Dr. KM Jaansalu Associate Professor
Mrs. IS Jansons Assistant Professor
Dr. AP Julien Assistant Professor
Dr. F Kelly Associate Professor
Dr. D Kennedy Assistant Professor
Dr. I Koch Adjunct
Dr. T Laing
Dr. JP Laplante Professor Emeritus
Dr. S Lau-Chapdelaine Assistant Professor
Dr. O Lebel Associate Professor
Dr. W.J. Lewis Professor Emeritus
Dr. BJ Lewis Professor Emeritus
Dr. J Loiseau Associate Professor
Dr. CMJ Malardier-Jugroot Vice Principal Research
Dr. RF Mann Professor Emeritus
Dr. M Marinova Professor
Maj(Ret'd) M.R. McTaggart Assistant Professor
Dr. JYSD Page Professor
Dr. L Piché Other DND unit
Dr. RH Pottier Professor Emeritus
Dr. PR Roberge Professor Emeritus
Dr. A Rutter Adjunct
Dr. J Scott Dean of Science
Dr. L Sihver Adjunct
Dr. WT Thompson Professor Emeritus
Dr. CP Thurgood Professor
Dr. GM Torrie Professor Emeritus
Dr. KP Weber Professor
Dr. RD Weir Professor Emeritus
Mr. M.J. Welland Adjunct
Capt(Ret'd) CA Williams Volunteer
Dr. S Yates Assistant Professor
Dr. BA Zeeb Professor
Dr. FS Zeman Assistant Professor

Civil Engineering

Name Email Position
Dr. RJ Bathurst Professor Emeritus
Dr. R. Beddoe Associate Professor
Dr. N. Bencharif Assistant Professor
Dr. SP Bourget Assistant Professor
Dr. D Chenaf Professor
Dr. MA Dagenais Associate Professor
Mr. G Eichhorn Assistant Professor
Dr. MA Erki Professor Emeritus
Capt SA Fraser Assistant Professor
Ms. S Greco Assistant Professor
Dr. PJ Heffernan Professor
Dr. M Hulley Interim Dept Head: Civil Engineering
Mr. J Jarecsni Assistant Professor
Mr. J Kabanda Assistant Professor
Dr. P Lamarche Assistant Professor
Mr. R.A. Lim Assistant Professor
Maj CL Litjens Lecturer
Mr. J Matymish Assistant Professor
Mr. L. Peristy
Mr. M Pilon Assistant Professor
Dr. GA Siemens Professor
Dr. JA Stewart Professor Emeritus
Dr. C Viau Assistant Professor
Dr. N Vlachopoulos Professor
Mr. S Watt Assistant Professor
Dr. GR Wight Professor
Dr. A Yaseri Assistant Professor
Mr. Y Youssef Assistant Professor

College Principal's Office

Name Email Position
Ms. J. Reinert Assistant Professor

Defence Studies

Name Email Position
Dr. P Beaulieu-Brossard
Dr. A Chapnick Other DND unit
Dr. M Chennoufi Other DND unit
Dr. D Dewitt Professor
Dr. WH Dorn Other DND unit
Dr. B Falk Other DND unit
Dr. R Goette
Mr. J. P. Y. D Gosselin Associate Professor
Dr. R. Jensen Other DND unit
Dr. R Kilford Assistant Professor
Dr. C Madsen Other DND unit
Dr. CG Magee Associate Professor
Dr. PT Mitchell Other DND unit
Dr. AC Okros Other DND unit
Dr. JAE Ouellet Other DND unit
Dr. C Pahlavi Other DND unit
Dr. M.A. Rostek Assistant Professor
Dr. L Rouillard Assistant Professor
Dr. G Scoppio Professor
Dr. CR Spearin Other DND unit

Division of Continuing Studies

Name Email Position
Mr. TC Chalovich Assistant Professor
Dr. E.R. Fetterly Assistant Professor
Mr. A Iqachaden Lecturer
Dr. L Liu Professor
Dr. J Sutcliffe Assistant Professor

Electrical And Computer Engineering

Name Email Position
Maj MM Adams Other DND unit
Dr. A Afana Adjunct
Dr. R Al Mallah Assistant Professor
Dr. D Al-Khalili Professor Emeritus
Dr. PE Allard Professor Emeritus
Dr. S Amari Professor
Dr. YMM Antar Professor
Maj JH Bayes Lecturer
Dr. R. Beguenane Associate Professor
Dr. DE Bouchard Professor Emeritus
Dr. JR Bray Associate Professor
Dr. N Chabini Associate Professor
Dr. YT Chan Professor Emeritus
Dr. F Chan Associate Professor
Maj T.J. Chisholm Lecturer
Dr. T Dean Adjunct
Dr. G Drolet Associate Professor
MCpl D Dwyer
Dr. M El Mezouar Assistant Professor
Dr. H. Elghamrawy Assistant Professor
Dr. A Elnady Adjunct
Dr. AP Freundorfer Adjunct
Maj S.J. Gagnon Other DND unit
Dr. S. Givigi Associate Professor
Dr. M Hefnawi Associate Professor
Mr. R Inkol Adjunct
Mr. M Jahvani Lecturer
Maj P.T. Jardine Adjunct
Dr. TB Karamat Adjunct
Dr. A Karime Assistant Professor
Dr. GS Knight Professional Services
Mr. BJ Lachine Assistant Professor
LCdr JMP Langlois Adjunct
Maj A Lapointe Adjunct
Dr. SP Leblanc Professor
Dr. Y Liu Assistant Professor
Maj J.C. Lloyd Other DND unit
Capt SDB McKeon Lecturer
Dr. D Mcgaughey Professor
Dr. H Mehrjerdi Associate Professor
Dr. B Mongeau Professor Emeritus
Dr. JE Morelli Adjunct
Capt M.R. Nair Assistant Professor
Dr. A Noureldin Professor
Maj R.E. O'Handley Eddie.O' Assistant Professor
Dr. AF Okou Dept Head: Electrical And Computer Engineering
Maj WD Oldford Adjunct
Mr. D Oluge
Dr. A Oukaira Assistant Professor
Dr. WG Phillips Associate Professor
Dr. JB Plant Professor Emeritus
Dr. MH Rahman Professor Emeritus
Maj B.M. Rathbun Lecturer
Dr. R.V. Roberge Assistant Professor
Dr. CN Rozon Professor
Dr. CD Shepard Professor Emeritus
Maj B.C. Shust Assistant Professor
Dr. EM Skordaki Adjunct
Dr. R.W. Smith Adjunct
Mrs. SL Smith Adjunct
Dr. M.E.H.R. Tamazin Assistant Professor
Dr. MT Tarbouchi Professor
Mrs. E Vasdev Adjunct
Maj G.P.M. Vigeant Adjunct
Dr. JD Wilson Professor Emeritus

English, Culture, and Communication

Name Email Position
Dr. E Behrisch Associate Professor
Maj(Ret'd) A.D. Belyea Assistant Professor
Dr. SR Bonnycastle Professor Emeritus
Dr. C Hamelin Lecturer
Dr. A Harass Assistant Professor
Dr. M Hurley Professor Emeritus
Dr. SE Johnson Associate Professor
Dr. CM Lavoie Associate Professor
Dr. SJ Lukits Associate Professor
Dr. H Luu Associate Professor
Dr. N Martinovic Assistant Professor
Dr. MW McKeown Assistant Professor
Dr. HE Osborne Associate Professor
Dr. R Roy Assistant Professor
Dr. L Shirinian Professor Emeritus
Dr. K Singh Assistant Professor
Mr. AC Sonoc Assistant Professor
Dr. IH Streight Dept Head: English
Dr. D Tracy Assistant Professor
Dr. TB Vincent Professor Emeritus

French, Literature, and Culture

Name Email Position
Mr. A Ali Ahmed Assistant Professor
Dr. S Bastien Professor
Dr. MA Benson Professor
Dr. FE Boucher Professor
Dr. S.A.H. Bélanger Chair: Master of Public Administration
Dr. A Caumartin Other DND unit
Dr. S Ech Cherif El Kettani Associate Professor
Mr. PR Fomi Lecturer
Ms. KMJ Fontaine Associate Professor
Dr. A. Girard Other DND unit
Dr. F Kassimi Volunteer
Capt F Lachapelle Lecturer
Dr. PA Lagueux Assistant Professor
Dr. IMA Tremblay Dept Head: French Studies


Name Email Position
LCol(Ret'd) DL Bashow
Maj(Ret'd) G.M. Boire Adjunct
LCol A.L. Brown Associate Chair of War Studies
Dr. KT Brushett Dept Head: History
Dr. R Carrier Assistant Professor
Dr. HG Coombs Assistant Professor
Dr. C D'Amours Assistant Professor
Dr. DE Delaney Professor
Dr. M Deleuze Associate Professor
Dr. PH Denton Associate Professor
Dr. C Des Roches Assistant Professor
Dr. V Dos Santos Oliveira Assistant Professor
Dr. M Doucet Assistant Professor
Dr. N Dreisziger Professor Emeritus
Dr. EJ Errington Professor Emeritus
Dr. F Gendron Professor Emeritus
Capt AW Gullachsen Assistant Professor
Dr. RG Haycock Professor Emeritus
Prof. MA Hennessy Dept Head: Defence Studies
Col(Ret'd) B Horn Adjunct
Dr. A Iarocci Adjunct
Dr. AH Ion Professor Emeritus
Maj J.H. Keess Lecturer
Dr. J Kenny Associate Professor
Dr. HP Klepak Professor Emeritus
Dr. J Lamarre Professor Emeritus
Prof. R Legault Other DND unit
Dr. B Lemay Assistant Professor
Dr. SM Maloney Professor
Dr. CL Mantle Assistant Professor
Dr. B Martyn Associate Professor
Ms. M McPherson Assistant Professor
Dr. A Mckercher Assistant Professor
Dr. BJC Mckercher Professor Emeritus
Dr. RA Prete Professor Emeritus
Prof. B Richard Other DND unit
Dr. K Rossy Assistant Professor
Dr. E Sica Assistant Professor
Dr. E.J. Spencer Adjunct
Dr. R.W. Stouffer Adjunct
Ms. SJ Toomey Chief Librarian
Dr. D.K. Varey Assistant Professor
Dr. RT Wakelam Associate Professor
Maj NS Wheeler Assistant Professor

Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Email Position
Mr. Y Breault Other DND unit
Dr. B Charbonneau Other DND unit
Mr. C Courtois Other DND unit
Mr. S Hogue Other DND unit
Mrs. C Lavallée Other DND unit
Ms. M Sharpe Other DND unit
Dr. A Simonyi Other DND unit
Ms. E Vallet Other DND unit

Language Centre

Name Email Position
Ms. E Beland-Lupien Second Language Teacher
Ms. M Bouchard Second Language Teacher
Ms. S Bouchard Second Language Teacher
Ms. M Charland Second Language Teacher
Ms. C Cussonneau Second Language Teacher
Mrs. M Drouin Second Language Teacher
Mrs. C Fournier Second Language Teacher
Mrs. S Gauthier Senior Language Teacher
Dr. A Gianotti Second Language Teacher
Dr. C Labrosse Second Language Teacher
Mrs. V Ladouceur Second Language Teacher
Ms. L Lemieux Second Language Teacher
Mrs. C Lord Second Language Teacher
Mr. R Paquet Director, Language Centre
Ms. M Pelletier Second Language Teacher
Ms. A Riel Second Language Teacher
Mrs. E.M St-Pierre Second Language Teacher
Mr. B Séguin Second Language Teacher
Ms. A Thibault Second Language Teacher
Mrs. MTB Thivierge-Bournival Senior Language Teacher


Name Email Position
Dr. O Abdallah Assistant Professor
Dr. M Amami Professor Emeritus
Dr. KS Apedome Assistant Professor
Mr. P.E. Bordush Assistant Professor
Dr. N Bérubé Associate Professor
Dr. JS Cowan Professor Emeritus
LCol J.E. DeBruin Other DND unit
Dr. J.S. Denford Professor
Dr. N Essaddam Dept Head: Management
Dr. F Fachin Assistant Professor
Dr. S Garrab Assistant Professor
Dr. E Gibeau Assistant Professor
Dr. R Gouiaa Associate Professor
Dr. WJ Graham Professor Emeritus
Mr. T Hussain Assistant Professor
Maj(Ret'd) JM Karagianis Assistant Professor
Dr. C Larose Assistant Professor
Mr. N Messabia Associate Professor
Dr. H Motaghi Associate Professor
Cdr(Ret'd) G Phillips Assistant Professor
Dr. GT Pond Associate Professor
Mr. A Raphael Lecturer
Ms. MBK Shepherd Assistant Professor
Dr. BW Simms Professor Emeritus
Mr. A St Pierre Professor
Mr. M Tassé Assistant Professor
Dr. F Youssofzai Associate Professor

Mathematics And Computer Science

Name Email Position
Mr. F Ambrogi Assistant Professor
Maj D Anderson Assistant Professor
Dr. BW Antliff Adjunct
Dr. R Benesch Professor Emeritus
Dr. J. Brimberg Professor
Ms. R Carruthers Assistant Professor
Dr. ML Chaudhry Professor
Dr. A Chehri Interim Associate Vice Principal Research
Dr. F Daghefali Assistant Professor
Mr. G. Danialou Other DND unit
Dr. M.A. Earl Assistant Professor
Maj D.R. Eisenhauer Assistant Professor
Mr. A.A. Elliott Assistant Professor
Dr. BJ Fugere Professor
Dr. J Gai Assistant Professor
Dr. R Gervais Professor Emeritus
Dr. R Godard Professor Emeritus
Dr. A. Gosselin Assistant Professor
Dr. NM Grieve Assistant Professor
Dr. L Haddad Professor
Dr. WJ Hurley Professor
Dr. S Jog Professor Emeritus
Dr. RE Johnson Professor
Mr. M Joseph Assistant Professor
Dr. D Kelly Professor Emeritus
Maj J.J. Kim Adjunct
Dr. R. Kohar Lecturer
Dr. MA Labbe Professor Emeritus
Dr. G Labonte Professor Emeritus
Dr. D Lavigne Other DND unit
Mr. A Law Assistant Professor
Dr. Y Liang Associate Professor
Dr. AK Mossi-Idrissa Assistant Professor
Dr. B Ong Adjunct
Dr. C Paquette Assistant Professor
Dr. F Rivest Associate Professor
Dr. R Shoucri Professor Emeritus
Dr. GE Simons Associate Professor
LCol(Ret'd) RP Sturgeon Dept Head: Mathematics And Computer Science
Dr. CH Tardif Professor
Ms. H Topping Lecturer
Mr. Y Wang Assistant Professor
Dr. DL Wehlau Professor
Dr. I Zaguia Assistant Professor
Maj J.D. Zwicker Assistant Professor
Maj(Ret'd) J.D. de Boer Assistant Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Name Email Position
Dr. WDE Allan Professor
Dr. A Asghar Associate Professor
Dr. MF Bardon Professor Emeritus
Dr. SH Benabdallah Professor
Dr. A Benaissa Professor
Dr. DL DuQuesnay Professor
Dr. M Ferchichi Dept Head: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Capt M Finn Lecturer
Dr. K Goni Boulama Associate Dean of Engineering
Dr. P Jansen Assistant Professor
Dr. AM Jnifene Professor
Dr. M Jugroot Professor
Dr. K Khayati Associate Department Head (UG): Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. H.J. Kowal Principal
Dr. MA LaViolette Professor
Lt(N) SM Mali Lecturer
Dr. C. Marsden Associate Professor
Capt JE McDonald Professional Services
Dr. WC Moffatt Professor Emeritus
Dr. K Moglo Associate Professor
Dr. R Perez Associate Professor
Dr. DCM Poirel Interim Associate Department Head (PG): Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. V Vu Assistant Professor
Dr. D. Wowk Associate Department Head (PG): Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. X Wu Professor

Military Psychology And Leadership

Name Email Position
Dr. JP Bradley Professor
Dr. D Charbonneau Professor Emeritus
Dr. L Chérif Assistant Professor
LCdr(Ret'd) DS Crooks Lecturer
Maj A Duval Lecturer
Dr. M Gagnon Assistant Professor
Dr. SA Hill Chair of War Studies
Dr. M Imbeault Associate Professor
LCdr DMC Juneau Lecturer
Dr. JD Klammer Associate Professor
Dr. D Lagace-Roy Associate Professor
Dr. AT MacIntyre Interim Dept Head: Military Psychology And Leadership
Mr. J McCallum Lecturer
LCdr CD McLeod Lecturer
Dr. AM Nicol Professor
Dr. DF O'Keefe Damian.O' Assistant Professor
Mr. J Quan Assistant Professor
Maj C.D. Scott Lecturer
Dr. RC St John Professor
Ms. S.M.J. Templeman Lecturer
LCol(Ret'd) S Tymchuk Lecturer
Mr. N Vincent-Boulay Lecturer
Ms. M Wilkin Lecturer
Ms. A Zidenberg Assistant Professor

Office of Academic Services

Name Email Position
Mr. P Franz Assistant Professor
Dr. J.M.S. Hénault Adjunct
Dr. D Lussier Assistant Professor
Capt AJ Marasco Adjunct
Mr. K Sanjabi Malayeri Assistant Professor

Physics and Space Science

Name Email Position
Mr. D.A. Bellamy
Dr. BH Bennett Associate Professor
Dr. JR Buckley Professor Emeritus
Ms. J Chu Other DND unit
Dr. A Crawford Adjunct
Capt D.P.R. Desjardins Lecturer
Capt J Dumont Lecturer
Dr. RF Favreau Professor Emeritus
Dr. N Gauthier Professor Emeritus
Dr. J.R. Gosselin Professor Emeritus
Dr. K Kabin Associate Professor
Dr. I Kafando Assistant Professor
Mr. R Keou Other DND unit
Capt JT Korobanik Assistant Professor
Dr. TW Krause Professor
Capt JW Leibold Assistant Professor
Dr. LL Levesque Dept Head: Physics
Dr. C Mandache Adjunct
Dr. RF Marsden Professor Emeritus
Capt CJ McConnell Assistant Professor
Dr. BK Mukherjee Professor Emeritus
Dr. JM Noel Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr. TJ Racey Professor Emeritus
Dr. S Ranganathan Professor Emeritus
Dr. PL Rochon Professor Emeritus
Dr. R.G. Sabat Vice Principal Academics
Dr. L Sangalli Assistant Professor
Dr. PJ Schurer Professor Emeritus
LCdr S.A. Semenuk Lecturer
Dr. S Shan Assistant Professor
Dr. A Shore Associate Professor
Dr. K Spekkens Associate Professor
Dr. MW Stacey Professor Emeritus
Dr. R.F. Vincent Associate Professor
Mr. A Voinot Assistant Professor
Dr. GA Wade Professor

Political Science and Economics

Name Email Position
Dr. CP Ankersen Adjunct
BGen(Ret'd) E Beno Adjunct
Dr. UG Berkok Associate Professor
Dr. J Boulden Professor
Mr. M Bourbonniere Adjunct
Maj H.C. Breede Associate Professor
Dr. S Chouinard Associate Professor
Dr. P Constantineau Professor Emeritus
Capt JDFM Dionne Assistant Professor
Dr. B Dorval Assistant Professor
Dr. MD Douch Professor
Ms. J Draper Lecturer
Dr. PJS Dunnett Professor Emeritus
Dr. DC Emelifeonwu Other DND unit
Maj MG Fejes Lecturer
Dr. JS Finan Professor Emeritus
Dr. H Garnett Associate Professor
Dr. A Ghanbarpour-Dizboni Associate Professor
Dr. P Gizewski Adjunct
Dr. TG Grodzinski Associate Professor
Dr. H Hassan-Yari Professor Emeritus
Dr. K Hulme Assistant Professor
Dr. P Jolicoeur Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr. A Khazri Assistant Professor
Mr. F Labarre Lecturer
Dr. JGB Labrecque Professor
Dr. DM Last Associate Professor
Dr. JPF Lepine Assistant Professor
Dr. C Leuprecht Professor
Mr. P Levesque Other DND unit
Dr. LY Luciuk Professor
Dr. LC McDonough Professor Emeritus
Dr. JR Mckay Assistant Professor
Dr. SJ Meharg Assistant Professor
Dr. PJ O'Halloran Patrick.O' Adjunct
Dr. AO Ousman Dept Head: Political Science and Economics
Dr. P Paquette Professional Services
Dr. FD Parenteau Other DND unit
Dr. AI Parenteau Other DND unit
Dr. BJ Paterson Assistant Professor
Ms. K Peyrow Lee Assistant Professor
Mr. N Phan Van Assistant Professor
Dr. S Rajan Assistant Professor
Dr. N Schwartz-Morgan Professor Emeritus
Mr. A Seaboyer Lecturer
Dr. O Secrieru Assistant Professor
Dr. JJ Sokolsky Professor
Dr. Y. Veilleux-Lepage Assistant Professor
Maj(Ret'd) R.D. Wade
Dr. AJ Whitehorn Professor Emeritus
Dr. JD Young Professor Emeritus

Public Administration

Name Email Position
Dr. A Arnold Visiting Scholar
Dr. AJ Barrett Professor Emeritus
LCol(Ret'd) D Byrne Professional Services

Research Administration Office

Name Email Position
Ms. A Androsik Professor

Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Name Email Position
Mr. S Cadorette Other DND unit
Mr. M Goyette-Côté Other DND unit

Royal Military College of Canada

Name Email Position
Mr. J Armanious Assistant Professor
Mr. C Cloutier-Roy Other DND unit
Maj RP Hough Other DND unit
LCol D. Johnston Adjunct
Mr. DC Tandjia Mbianda Assistant Professor


Name Email Position
Mr. C Boudreault Other DND unit
Mr. A Giguere Other DND unit

War Studies

Name Email Position
Dr. H Canuel Adjunct
Dr. M Djebabla Other DND unit
Dr. J.D. Shaw Assistant Professor
Dr. R.S. Williams Assistant Professor

Writing Centre

Name Email Position
LCol(Ret'd) TW Loveridge Assistant Professor
Dr. I Luyt Lecturer
Dr. L Moussu Professor
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