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On this page you will find all upcoming events at the History Department. 

5 & 19 November 2018  - History Movie Night 

Join us for two nights at the movies! The Department of History is pleased to present two dramatic films, Waltz with Bashir (Israeli cartoon documentary on the Lebanese campaign in 1982 against Hezbollah) and Killing Fields (Movie about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in the 1970s) . The films will be shown on Monday 5 November (Waltz with Bashir) and Monday 19 November (Killing Fields) in the Cadet Mess at 1930.

Where:  Cadet Mess 

When:  5 & 19 November 2018, 1930 hrs 

8-9 November 2018  - Annual History Symposium 

The Department of History invites you to attend the 2018 History Symposium : Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in Two World Wars

Where: Currie Hall (Royal Military College of Canada)

When:  8-9 November 2018 

Registration rate: 125$ for graduate students and RMC Faculty (includes banquet, dinner, lunches and coffee breaks) 

You can regisiter with RMC Club

7 November 2018  - Book Launch   

Join us at “The Novel Idea Bookstore” for the launch of Dr. Sean M. Maloney’s new book, Operation KINETIC: Stabilizing Kosovo at 7:00 (1900 hrs) on 7 November 2018, just in time for Remembrance Day. Lest we forget, Operation KINETIC was the Canadian contribution to the NATO-led Kosovo Force a formation that was prepared to fight its way into the Serbian province and roll back the brutal subjugation of the civilian population. When the Milosevic regime caved in to international pressure and pulled their security forces out, the Canadian KFOR contingent had to down-shift from a warfighting posture to a stabilization role in an unplanned and dangerously complex environment. Operation KINETIC also occurred against the backdrop of a nuclear threat from Russia that was met by NORAD forces.

Where:  The Novel Idea Bookstore

When:  7 November 2018, 1900 hrs 

3 October 2018 -  History Social 

The Department of History and the Chair of the Military and Strategic Studies Programme invites all history and MSS faculty members, history and MSS students, and those interested in becoming History or MSS students to a social gathering to celebrate the new school year. 

Where: Kingston Brewing Company, 34 Clarence Street

When: Wednesday  3 October 2018, 1900-2200 hrs

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