Faculty and Lecturers

The department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE) at the Royal Military College of Canada is committed to the education of Officer Cadets in the broad fundamental and applied areas which aid them in their mission as future officers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The programmes bring emphasis on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Life Sciences and Environment for the Chemistry Programme and on Materials, Nuclear and Ammunition Engineering for the Chemical Engineering Programme. Through strong links with different DND stakeholders, the CCE department has developed different programmes, certificates and courses to disseminate knowledge to military members answering a very broad range of CAF needs.

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has over 16 full time tenured and tenure-track faculty members and 3 military faculty working in the following areas of research: 

  • Materials Research and Engineering
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Fuels and Power Sources
  • Munitions Engineering

A member of the DRDC Suffield Research Centre stationed at RMC, our defence scientist works to assess the protective capability and design of respirators, clothing systems and equipment against CBRN agents and toxic industrial material for both the military and civilian first responder community.

We are one of the only bilingual universities in Ontario, serving both military and civilian Anglophone and Francophone students from across Canada. 

Faculty  Contact Information
Philip J Bates, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S5411

Email: phil.bates@rmc-cmr.ca

Juan Beltran, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S5415

Email: juan.beltran@rmc-cmr.ca

François Caron, Ph.D.


Office: Sawyer Building, S2515

Email: fcaron@rmc.ca

Emily Corcoran, Ph.D.

Office: Saywer Building, S2514

Email: emily.corcoran@rmc-cmr.ca

Sarah A. Creber, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S2524

Email: sarah.creber@rmc-cmr.ca

Lindsay Grandy, Ph.D.


Office: Sawyer Building, S2517

Email: lindsay.grandy@rmc-cmr.ca

Kevin Jaansalu, Ph.D.

Office: N/A

Email: kevin.jaansalu@rmc-cmr.ca

Patrick Julien, Ph.D.


Office: Sawyer Building, S5514

Email: patrick.julien@rmc-cmr.ca

Fiona.Kelly, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S3508

Email: fiona.kelly@rmc-cmr.ca

Dean Kennedy, Ph.D.


Office: Sawyer Building, S4519

Email: dean.kennedy@rmc-cmr.ca

Shem Lau-Chapdelaine, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S3510

Email: shem.lau-chapdelaine@rmc-cmr.ca

Olivier Lebel, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S4520

Email: olivier.lebel@rmc-cmr.ca

Jason Loiseau, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer, Building, S4410

Email: jason.loiseau@rmc-cmr.ca

Cecile Malardier-Jugroot, Ph.D.

Office: Mackenzie Building - MK467A

Email: cecile.malardier-jugroot@rmc-cmr.ca

Mariya Marinova, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S2523

Email: mariya.marinova@rmc-cmr.ca

Danny J. Y. S. Pagé, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S2526

Email: danny.page@rmc-cmr.ca

Jennifer L. Scott, Ph.D.

Office: Saywer Building, S4416

Email: jennifer.scott@rmc-cmr.ca

Kela P. Weber, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S5510

Email: kela.weber@rmc-cmr.ca

Barbara A. Zeeb, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S5517

Email: barbara.zeeb@rmc-cmr.ca

Frank Zeman, Ph.D.

Office: Sawyer Building, S4516

Email: frank.zeman@rmc-cmr.ca

Military Faculty Coordinates

Major Nicolas Beaudry, M.Sc.


Office: Sawyer Building, S5412

Email: nicholas.beaudry@rmc-cmr.ca

Capt. Arman Poonja, B.Sc.


Office: Sawyer Building, S5414

Email: arman.poonja@rmc-cmr.ca

Professor Emeritus  Coordinates

John Amphlett

Email: john.amphlett@rmc.ca

Bill Andrews

Email: andrews-w@rmc-cmr.ca

Hughes Bonin

Email: bonin-h@rmc.ca

Van Tam Bui

Email: bui-v@rmc.ca

Paul Chan

Email: paul.chan@rmc.ca

Kathy Creber

Email: creber@rmc.ca

Mike Evans

Email: evans-m@rmc.ca

Michael Greenwood

Email: michael.greenwood@rmc.ca

Jean-Pierre LaPlante

Email: laplante-j@rmc.ca

Brent Lewis

Email: lewis-b@rmc.ca

Ken Reimer

Email: reimer-k@rmc.ca

Pierre Roberge

Email: roberge-p@rmc.ca

Bill Thompson

Email: thompson-w@rmc.ca

Glenn Torrie

Email: torrie-g@rmc.ca

Ron Weir

Email: weir-r@rmc.ca

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