Research Project Guidance - Department of Applied Military Science

Students will form mixed teams of two or three students to conduct a research project. The objectives are to:

  • permit the student to demonstrate the ability to apply aspects of science, technology or management to the solution of practical military problems;
  • permit the student, as part of a small group, to conduct original research or experimentation in an area of technical importance to the Canadian Army;
  • permit an assessment to be made of the student's ability to understand an aspect of military technology, think originally in confronting a problem, and report on the outcome of a study or activity; and
  • seek solutions to technological problems confronting the Canadian Army.

Students will be expected to select a topic or problem from a list drafted in consultation with various government and industry sponsors, or to propose a suitable topic for approval. Topics must:

  • be deemed relevant to the current or potential future roles of the Canadian Army;
  • offer the prospect of a solution within the time available for the project;
  • fall within the capacity of the military and academic staff and sponsor to supervise/assist; and
  • call up no resources beyond the capacity of RMC or the project sponsor to provide.
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