Strategy for raising awareness within the institution

RMC aspires to adopt best practices on equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Action Plan includes specific strategies for raising awareness within the institution of its commitment to, and the benefits of, EDI within the Canada Research Chairs Program and the broader research enterprise. These strategies are summarized below:

  • Communication
    • Engaging in regular and meaningful consultation with all members of the RMC community about their experiences of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
    • Regularly updating and communicating the institutional EDI action plan to all members of the RMC community.
  • Oversight
    • Creating an EDI Committee, reporting to the Vice Principal, Research (VPR) to lead initiatives contained within the strategic action plan.
    • Creating an EDI Officer (EDIO) position in the Office of Research responsible for training, resource development, review of policies and procedures and communication and consultation strategies.
    • Publicly reporting, on an annual basis, institutional progress towards attaining its measurable EDI objectives.
    • Instituting an independent evaluation of progress, compliance, and the identification of areas for improvement.
  • Training
    • Providing training opportunities to ensure that EDI is embedded within the culture of RMC. Training focus on EDI Committee, Faculty Council, Hiring committees, CRC search committees and Research Advisory Committee, Search/review committees for Department Heads, Deans, Vice Principals, and Promotion committees.
    • Encouraging all members of the RMC community to complete best practices training in EDI and cultural competency.
  • Policy and procedures
    • Instituting systematic review of strategic planning documents such as the institution strategic plan and the strategic research plan to ensure EDI policies and goals are well articulated.
    • Identifying areas for improvement, developing, and implementing remediation strategies.
    • Adapting the hiring process to meet the institutional EDI targets in consultation with the EDI committee, with senior management and faculty deans.
  • Resources
    • Develop bilingual resources for education, assessment and training in EDI and cultural competency. Create web-based repository for EDI resources.
    • Pursue funding for EDI initiatives.
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